Want More Local Customers?

Don't wait on traditional Thinking! Traditional marketing takes a long time before you see profits from it. We have a system that will give you the biggest advantage over other businesses. Google is designed to give its users the best possible results. Greene.Media works within the Google Eco-System and creates exactly what Google is looking for. Amazing, Interactive Content and Rich Media in the places that gets your business attention.


You're a local business.
You need more local customers.
You're tired of being lost in the sea of competitors.  You're ready to achieve high brand visibility.
Trust us to do your Local Marketing!

Your New Advantage

FINALLY! This is what you have been looking for!
An easy to work with Digital Marketing Company that you can trust. 
Below are just a few insights that we use to give you an advantage.

Local Focus

Over 80% of all consumers looking for LOCAL services

Get on the MAP

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.


Mobile Friendly

By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending.

Virtual Image

Business listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.

About Greene.Media

Our team works with local business owners in the DFW area experiencing problems effectively reaching local customers. We use effective local marketing techniques that solve the problems your business has with attracting local customers. Your business can be visible and get new customers. We will help you.


What is our PROMISE?

We promise to increase your company's visibility to new, local customers. This means customers searching with 'local intent' will find you!


WHO do we serve?

We work with select start-ups and owners of local established companies in Dallas Forthworth. We have a special focus in the Collin County area.


HOW do we do it?

We maximize the Google Ecosystem to create visibility. We also use Virtual Reality 360 images to create a high level of engagement.


What PROBLEM do we solve?

We make sure you aren't missing out on customers that SHOULD BE YOURS. We make sure your competition isn't profitably stealing business from you. 

Working with us  is a 4 step process

Local Marketing


Listening Analysis

In order to make great plans it helps to have great information. What better way to get information than listening. We first listen to you. We want to know what your real needs are. Then we listen and analyze your best customers. We also 'listen' to what your competition is doing. Once we gather this information and thoroughly analyze it, we are then ready to begin strategies to market your business.


Building Foundation

Using data from the first step, we will build and recondition your current digital assets. We will also remove neglected digital properties that are damaging the brand. The goal is to create a good brand that is recognized by both your customer and Google. By utilizing Google Search, Google Maps, Adwords, Youtube, Google My Business, Google Plus and creating digital properties that will maximize your online presence.


Implementing Creating

Building upon the previous step we move into implementing strategies and creating digital assets. We begin to plan, create and curate post and mulitimedia content. Landing pages are created for Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Ads. Google Ads, Maps and Search Engine strategies are activated.


Reporting Refining

Remember, what you don't track is what you don't control. We ensure you are not over or under informed. In this step you will have full access to complete reporting. Business owners like just the right information. We will also analyze, interpret and communicate the data from these reports twice a month. We use data from
these reports to refine our strategy moving forward.

Tools We Use

We are very focused on using the most effective tools for growing your business presence online. Google, Video, Social Media and Virtual Reality should not be ignored as a part of your business strategy. The real secret sauce... is our THINKING. We study human behavior along with Tech Trends to get the biggest advantage.

Google Eco-System

80% of searches are done on Google. Why not leverage the worlds biggest online resources for your business?

Digital Media

Whether it's  Virtual Reality, Video and Photos, Audio or Animation. Customers hunger for engaging media.

Crystal Ball

    OKAY, not really. We do however keep abreast of emerging technologies so that you can stay ahead.

Don't Wait!

Get Started now and see a difference in just a few weeks.

Nobody likes to be 'sold' to. We don't either. We listen to your needs and see if we're a good match.

Contact Us

After listening to your needs, we may have a few suggestions. Our goal is to make sure you are informed.

Get Consulting

When you are ready. Thats when the AWESOME begins. We will quickly get your company visible to customers

Start Winning

1x Solution

One Time
  • Build Foundation
  • (Setup of Digital Properties)
  • DIY Consulting
  • One Month of Reporting

  • This is great for companies that need a strong foundation they can move forward with.


per month
  • Full Analysis (Client, Competition, Company)
  • Build Foundation (Setup and launch of Digital Properties)
  • Reporting and Refining

  • This is great for companies that need lead generation to built a great customer base.

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We didn't want to overwhelm you with a bunch on information at once. However, if you want to dig in deeper and see what it takes to have an AMAZING Local Marketing Plan that gets you in front of potiential customers...Please contact us!